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D.W.I. & D.U.I.

Fight D.W.I. and D.U.I. Charges With Someone Who Has Successfully Defended D.W.I. and D.U.I. Cases For Over 30 years!

Drivers of all backgrounds can find themselves facing serious charges driving while intoxicated. D.W.I.’s and/or D.U.I’s are common violations, however the penalties can still be severe and affect your family and your job. Jordan D. Yuelys will take your side no matter the circumstances. Mr. Yuelys is successful and has defended numerous clients across New Jersey and New York against D.W.I.’s and/or D.U.I’s.

Understand the Circumstances of Your Case

The consequences of a D.W.I. and/or D.U.I Conviction can be serious, ranging from economic damages and jail time. You can lose your vehicle or license which could affect your career whether you drive to work, work as a driver or fly an aircraft. Trust us to fight and keep you from losing your license, being sentenced to jail time, or losing your employment.


Jordan D. Yuelys will Analyze Your Case from All Angles and Explain Your Options

When you hire Jordan D. Yuelys to defend your D.W.I. and/or D.U.I charge, this is the services you can expect:

  • Review the details of the traffic stop to determine whether the police had reasonable suspicion to pull you over 

  • Check whether police notified you of your rights before you made any statements 

  • Confirm that the police correctly administered field sobriety, breath and blood alcohol tests 

  • Retain the appropriate Experts to analyze breath, blood or urine results

  • Thoroughly investigate the facts and evidence to determine whether law enforcement violated your rights in any other way


Jordan D. Yuelys has in depth knowledge of the field sobriety tests and breath testing machines that law enforcement utilize. This allows Mr. Yuelys to build strong arguments for cases that rely solely on test results. Jordan D. Yuelys also handles a zero tolerance for proceedings for individuals under the age of 21 who face charges of operating a vehicle under the influence. 


Your Defense Starts Today

After a D.W.I. and/or D.U.I. arrest do not wait to secure a legal defense. Meet with Jordan D. Yuelys for a free consultation. Contact the office today at 201.996.0056 or send an email to

We are from Hillsdale, NJ. My daughter had multiple tickets including a DWI, Careless Driving and Registration charges. ALL ORIGINAL CHARGES WERE DISMISSED. It was a miracle. This guy is a genius. He is professional, articulate, and has a great presence. He may not promise you anything, but takes pride in his work and will go the extra mile for his client. Can't tell you how many lawyers we watched in the courtroom, this is the lawyer to hire. Thanks Jordan!

Anonymous: June 12, 2012

I write this review for my lawyer Jordan Yuelys with a big smile on my face and an overwhelming sigh of relief. I was recently charged with a DUI after hitting a pedestrian by accident in a parking lot unfortunately in which I didn’t see, secondary to darkness because of poor lighting. I did blow below the legal limits on the breathalyzer, but the state of NJ can still charge an individual with a DUI, news to me. Mr. Yuelys was recommended to me by a close friend and coworker. I called his office and he got back to me immediately. He was kind, calming, and reassuring to say the least. At my court date, he was able to have my DUI dismissed with a conversation with the Prosecutor. I just stood there in front of the judge in awe and of course relief. What could have been dragged out and been a nightmare due to a pedestrian involved, was over just like that. I will recommend him to my family and closest friends in the future if ever a need arises.

Laura: August 23, 2018

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