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Landlord Tenant

Sometimes, even the most reasonable Landlords and their Tenants find they cannot come to an agreement that both sides would agree to be fair or equitable. Jordan D. Yuelys intimately understands the Landlord-Tenant Court process in New Jersey and has considerable previous experience in representing the interests of Landlords & Property Managers, as well as Tenants. If you are a Property Owner, Property Manager or Tenant who needs help resolving issues such as:

  • Non-payment of rent actions and proceedings

  • Holdover actions and proceedings

  • Lease agreement negotiations, modifications, and disputes

  • Notices of default to cure or to quit, of termination, to vacate

  • Notice of Eviction and 30 day notice disputes

  • Rent increase and notice issues

  • Repairs and maintenance disputes

Meet with Jordan D. Yuelys for a free consultation. Contact the office today at 201.996.0056 or send an email to

I was and am extremely impressed by Mr. Jordan Yuelys. He was very thorough with my case. I felt very confident with him as my Lawyer. He is a wonderful Attorney and would and will recommend him to anyone. He is very specific in his findings and I feel he is a very compassionate man. If I ever have another problem or anything I might need and Attorney for I will without a doubt call Mr. Jordan Yuelys. I'd like to just say thank you to Mr. Yuelys.

Michele: June 18, 2014

Mr. Yuelys was able to provide me with great advice on a tenant/foreclosure case issue I needed guidance on. He was very knowledgeable and provided me with great advice on the matter. He was very pleasant to speak with. I would recommend him to anyone having tenant issues.

Anonymous: May 6, 2016

New Home Owners
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