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Personal Injury

 Jordan D. Yuelys has the experience to represent you for injuries resulting from accidents.  Accidents can result from automobile accidents, trucks, buses & train accidents, dog bites, slip & fall as well as an accident that occurred at work. 

Jordan D. Yuelys understands you may be confused about what is involved in settling a claim or if you even have a claim.

Jordan D. Yuelys aims to make the process as easy as possible on an individual which is why a trust worthy lawyer is necessary who has the skill, experience and knowledge to get the recovery you deserve. Jordan D. Yuelys knows the strategies Insurance Companies utilize to attack a Personal Injury Claim which provides Mr. Yuelys the ability to effectively combat the tactics of an Insurance Company to get a positive and more fruitful recovery or settlement. 


Do not wait to secure a lawyer.  Meet with Jordan D. Yuelys for a free consultation. Contact the office today at 201.996.0056 or send an email to

Other attorneys refused to take the case. Jordan took it on and won the case!!! I received the entire amount of coverage the insurance carrier had to offer!!!! Jordan was of great help, explaining the situation at hand very clearly. Felt very comfortable to talk with. He did not leave out any detail that could help me.  My life has been changed since I found him. Please use him.

Anonymous: January 23

In one of the most difficult and vulnerable periods of my life, Jordan accepted my case, and won. Extremely knowledgeable and competent attorney that I've ever had the benefit of doing business with. He took my case (which was a difficult one to overcome) and used his expertise to hit a home run in the court room. It was swift, accurate and I shed a few tears when we were leaving the courthouse because of the legal penalties I was facing along with the monetary fines. It would have been an enormous setback and could have crushed my family, emotionally and financially. There's always that guy who says he knows a good lawyer. Well, I was actually represented by an expert who got the job done, period. You need a great lawyer, call his office to schedule a consultation and no matter what you're facing, I'm a living testament that he can win the case.

Pierre: September 12, 2018

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